Our Beginnings

Cafiver, originally known as Cafés Industrializados de Veracruz, was founded in 1985. It was started as a joint Mexican-German venture with 50% capital contributions by each country. The Mexican party consisted of a group of coffee-exporting investors who were seeking to diversify their product lines with the greater added value of decaffeinated coffee. The German group was represented by the Boehringer-Ingelheim pharmaceutical company which was interested in the supply of caffeine for refining and application in their industry.  Since the year 2000, CAFIVER has been fully Mexican-owned.

Its business lines revolve entirely around coffee industrialization, commercialization, and service.

The company’s first line of business was green decaffeinated coffee.  Export operations were begun in 1988. The company’s versatile industrial facilities support the processing of coffee by the methylene chloride and ethyl acetate processes.

Deriving from the availability of raw materials and inventories, the green coffee line of business was born almost alongside the decaf business.

In line with the goal of continuing to participate in the market with products of greater value added, the “Coffee Service” line was introduced in 1998. Currently one of the principal suppliers of the institutional domestic market, it is characterized by offering top quality products, as well as a specialized coffee service.  Large, nationwide hotel and restaurant chains are served, as well as corporate offices and industrial cafeterias.

The company now serves 700 customers located in more than 50 cities throughout the country.

Instant coffee is a product that Cafiver began to market in 1995. As a result of the dynamic growth in sales, the decision was made in 2003 to invest in an instant coffee plant to process this product.  From 2005 on, with this investment and state-of-the-art technology, Cafiver has produced instant coffee in its own industrial facilities, offering instant coffee of the Spray Dried type (powder).  With this plant, Cafiver has become a global company, serving international markets and commercializing its products on four continents.  

Coffee Service

Expansion 1


Expansion 2


As of 2011, Cafiver has added agglomerated instant coffee to its process lines. Instant AGGLOMERATED coffee is available in Regular and Decaffeinated form.

As a by-product of decaffeination, Cafiver offers raw natural caffeine for refining, pharmaceutical use, soft drinks, energy beverages, beauty products, etc.

The company employs more than 220 blue- and white-collar workers. Its industrial facilities and headquarters are located in Ixtaczoquitlán, Veracruz.  In addition, the company has offices in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Cancún, to provide special support for the Coffee Service line. In the U. S., Cafiver has a sales office to serve the needs of the North American market.